Increased stability of the pallets and drastic reduction of transport damages, without the use of straps. Find out how the solution offered by Techlab has improved the packaging used by a customer in the building sector!


The products under test are typical pallets used in building sector: paint packages of 9 and 15 kg. These products are positioned in column, one on top of the other without using cardboard sheets that separate the layers. This makes stability more complicated, making it necessary to use vertical strapping to increase strength.

These straps can tolerate great stresses, but once the maximum threshold is reached, they deform plastically, leaving the product more and more free to move, due to the lack of elasticity. This causes in these products an overlap of the upper part and the consequent interlocking, with damage to the packages.


The customer requested to solve the problems by removing the straps and using a pre-stretch film, without changing the arrangement of the products. The wrapping cycle joins the products with the wooden pallet in a sturdy way, not allowing movement in this area and lightening the upper part while providing a base of elasticity.

In this way it is possible to notice how the pallet limits the movements to the maximum, not allowing the inclination of the products and the subsequent overlapping of the lids.


Thanks to the wrapping cycle applied, it was possible to remove the straps providing better resistance to the products, making the pallet more stable and drastically reducing damage due to transport.

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